Such is the nature of air travel (particularly long-haul air travel) that you might find yourself with a few hours to kill in CDG. Fortunately there are good facilities in place to make sure you comfortable and healthy.

Help points

There are several information points throughout the airport, clearly identified by the internationally-recognised lower case I (i). Every help desk will have an English speaker.

TOP TIP: They are especially useful because they give out free maps of the airport, which is very useful: even if you consider yourself to be good at finding your way around new places, the sheer size of CDG and its many terminals can be very confusing.

Lost property

If you’ve misplaced something at Charles de Gaulle, it’s worth checking with the airport’s lost and found department to see if anything has been handed in. The contact details for lost property in each terminal are as follows.

Terminals 1 and 3: +33 (0) 1 48 62 13 34, objetstrouves-cdg1@adp.fr

Terminal 2: +33 (0) 1 48 16 49 66, objetstrouves-cdg2@adp.fr

Internet access

Orange (the colour, not the phone network) multimedia terminals where the internet can be accessed, music downloaded and pages printed, are located throughout the terminals. They are not cheap, however, at €1.50 for 10 minutes. There are also internet cafes in terminals 1, 2E and 3, where access is slightly cheaper, €5 an hour.

There are business workstations, with desks and powerpoints, in terminals 1 (after passport control), 2D (at gates 55 and 70), 2E (after passport control), 2F (after passport control) and 2G (in the boarding area).

TOP TIP: In every terminal there is at least one PlayStation 3 stop, where you can game to your heart’s content for free.

Medical aid

There is a 24 hour health centre in terminal 2F, as well as pharmacies in terminals 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E and 2F.


There are toilets in every terminal, and all have disabled access. Some also have showering and cleaning facilities and baby-changing facilities.

Prayer rooms

There are a couple of multi-faith prayer rooms for meditation and reflection, one serving terminals 2A to D and one serving terminal 2F. There are a number of religious leaders who can be contacted and who organise more formal services for the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim faiths.


All airport left luggage offices have now closed due to security reasons. However, the company Baggage Du Monde does offer a luggage storage service ( min 6 hours) where your bags can be stored for longer than 24 hours if necessary. Baggage du Monde can be located at Terminals 1, 2A and 2F.

The costs are as follows:

6 hours – 6EUR

6 – 12 hours – 12EUR

12 – 24 hours – 15EUR

2 – 4 days – 7.50EUR per day

5 days + – 5EUR per day

For more information please call Baggage du Monde on: +33 1 34 38 58 90

  • Regina
    #1 written by Regina  7 years ago

    I need to know if we can store luggage at the airport to spend the day in Paris and come back for an evening flight. Are there such facilities to store luggage and in which terminal they are? I did not find the information in this site. Thank you for the urgent reply.

    • Alex
      #2 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Regina

      There is a left luggage service at Charles de Gaulle – you can store your bags with the company Baggage du Monde who can be found at Terminals 1, 2A and 2F. They must be stored for a minimum of 6 hours.


  • Marietta Nelson
    #3 written by Marietta Nelson  7 years ago

    Is there lockers in the airport where you can
    store luggage for 2 weeks before going home.

    • Alex
      #4 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Marietta

      You can store luggage with Baggage du Monde who can be found at Terminals 1, 2A and 2F. With regards to storing them for 2 weeks they charge a rate of 7.50EUR for 2nd, 3rd and 4th days and then 5EUR from then on. You may be able to ask for prices concerning a total of 2 weeks so I would advise speaking to them first.



  • Wang Yan
    #5 written by Wang Yan  6 years ago

    I just wonder if I could store or check luggage in advance to spend the daytime in Paris. The departure time in the evening. Thanks a lot.

    • Alex
      #6 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Wang

      Baggage du Monde offer a luggage storage service at Terminals 1, 2A and 2F. They charge for a minimum of 6 hours.



  • Leonardo
    #7 written by Leonardo  6 years ago

    Are there lockers in the airport?

    • Alex
      #8 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Leonardo

      Your bags can be stored by Baggage du Monde who operate at Terminals 1, 2A and 2F. They charge for a minimum of 6 hours.



  • valerie stanfield
    #9 written by valerie stanfield  6 years ago

    I am wheelchair disabled, can stand with dificulty.I have travelled to a lot of EU countries but I have not come across a disabled toilet with NO BARS to assist you. I was fortunate enough to have 2 people to assist me, without this it would have been very embarressing.

  • Ellen
    #10 written by Ellen  6 years ago

    Are there any shower rooms in CDG airport? If so, could you pls advise me where it is and open time? Is it open to public? Thanks.

    • Olivia
      #11 written by Olivia  6 years ago

      Unfortunately there are no public showers – some airline lounges reportedly have their own, but unless you are a premier frequent flyer you will not be allowed access.

  • malak sereby
    #12 written by malak sereby  6 years ago

    my son forgot his ipod in the airport… do u have a lost and found department??

    • Olivia
      #13 written by Olivia  6 years ago

      Hi Malak – I’ve added some contact details for the airport’s lost property department on the Facilities page above.

  • David A
    #14 written by David A  6 years ago

    I am arriving at CDG late evening and have been given a connecting flight the following morning. Can i spend the night in the airport without having to pay for a hotel room? i.e. are there any comfy chairs or benches I can sleep on without being thrown out of the airport?

    • Olivia
      #15 written by Olivia  6 years ago

      Hi David – I’ve added a section about sleeping at the airport to the Facilities page. The airport is open 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about being kicked out!

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