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A CDG to Paris transfer bus (Photo: AD-BdB)

Getting to Paris from CDG is very easy (see Bus and Coach and Trains and Metro pages), but it’s not quite so obvious how to get to the other airports serving the city, Orly and Beauvais. It’s also not especially clear how to get to Disneyland either, despite it being only 25km away. Thank God, then, that has written it all down…

To Paris City Centre

Private Transfer

There are scores of companies who will whisk you from arrivals to your hotel destination. As ever, private transfers like this are rather expensive. As Paris has such excellent transport facilities, it’s probably not worth it.

To Orly Airport


It is possible to take the RER, as line B extends north to south through the city. Change at Antony station for the Orlyval, Orly’s dedicated Métro link, which has two stops, Orly Ouest and Orly Sud. From CDG’s main station, Aérogare 2, the journey to either Orly station takes around an hour and 10 minutes, and costs €18.55.


Les Cars Air France operate a coach service to Orly, which costs €19. They operate every half hour, seven days a week, departing from between terminals 2E and 2F. Parties of four or more get a group discount of 15 per cent. The journey takes about an hour.

Private Transfer

Various companies will provide a transfer service for you if you book in advance. Naturally, they are very expensive, costing anything between €80 and €200, depending on the company and the number of people travelling. It is, however, very convenient and hassle-free.

To Beauvais Airport


Getting to Beauvais is no mean feat. Like many of Ryanair’s hubs, it is a fair distance from the city it purports to serve (in this case Paris, of course). Thankfully, VEA offer a regular shuttle service for €15.


It is possible to take the RER, change to Métro line 1 at Châtelet-Les Halles, travel westbound to Porte Maillot and take a shuttle bus to the airport, but this convoluted route is more expensive than VEA’s shuttle.

To Disneyland


The quickest way to reach Disneyland from the airport is by super fast TGV, which takes just 10 minutes. Tickets at Rail Europe, which can be bought in advance, start at £15 for adults and £7.50 for children.

Disneyland can be reached using different trains. First, take RER line B (from either of CDG’s stations) to Châtelet-Les Halles, change to RER line A and travel east to Marne-la-Vallee Chessy (Disneyland’s stop). However, it costs €14.85 and takes an hour and 20 minutes.

Shuttle Bus

Val d’Europe operate a shuttle bus service throughout the day to Disneyland Paris. They leave regularly from Terminals 2E and 2F.

Private Transfer

As with transfers to Orly, there are various companies who will provide a transfer service to Disneyland. They are expensive but hassle-free.

  • Jackie
    #1 written by Jackie  7 years ago

    Could you tell me how easy it is to get from airport to Disneyland shuttle bus?? Thank you for your time!

    • Alex
      #2 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Jackie

      You can take a shuttle bus with Val d’Europe who operate regular services from Terminals 2E and 2F. We have added this info above.


  • Anca Muraru
    #3 written by Anca Muraru  7 years ago


    I would be very grateful if you could give any information about the passanger transfer between Beauvais Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport. I am asking you this as my first flight lands on your airport (around 9am), but the second part of my journey will start from Beauvais Airport in the afternoon around 15:45.
    So I was wandering if there is any transport service between the 2 airports and how long will it take?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!


    • Alex
      #4 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Anca

      The distance is roughly 34 miles but the time it would takes depends of course on traffic.

      You have two options in this instance: VEA operate a shuttle service which you can use to transfer, or you could take the RER. VEA is the cheaper and easier option.


  • julie
    #5 written by julie  7 years ago

    was wondering which form of transport would be better form airport to disneyland Thanks

    • Alex
      #6 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Julie

      It depends on what your budget is.

      The TGV is the quickest route to Disneyland as it only takes 10 minutes. It is the more expensive option however and tickets range from £15 for adults to £7.50 for children. The other forms are cheaper but will take longer.


  • anne Daniels
    #7 written by anne Daniels  6 years ago

    Can you tell me how esy it is to transfer to Orly airport from Charles deGualle.

    • Alex
      #8 written by Alex  6 years ago

      Hi Anne

      There are a few options for this:

      You can either take the RER and change or take the coach from Terminals 2E or 2F, which would be the easier option.

      There is of course the option of a private car also, but that depends on your budget for this trip.


  • Patrik
    #9 written by Patrik 6 years ago

    Great thanks for the info concerning the transfer from Charles airport to Orly airport. As I plan to use the coach alternative I just want to ask if I have to book this in advance or if I can solve it on place and buy a ticket at 2E or 2F?:)

    Worth site

  • Clare
    #10 written by Clare  6 years ago

    We’re staying at the Adagio City Aparthotel Val d’Europe with 2 small children. If we get the TGV train from CDG to Disneyland, what kind of distance is it from the train station to the accomodation? Is it reasonable to walk with luggage/young kids etc…?

    Many thanks, Clare

  • L Anderson
    #11 written by L Anderson  6 years ago

    How long does it take to get from Terminal 2D to 2E? The Air France flights I would like to book land from Valencia at 0915 and take off for Aberdeen at 1010 – will 55 minutes be long enough?

    • Olivia
      #12 written by Olivia  6 years ago

      Hi Lorna – I’ve added a link to a route planner for transfer between terminals, which should help to clear up any confusion. You can see it on the Facilities page under the ‘Travel around the airport’ section.

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