CDG Airport

The stunning architecture of terminal 2F at Charles de Gaulle Airport (Photo: Le French Monster @ Flickr)

Welcome to, the definitive guide to France’s largest and most important airport. We aim to answer every question about Charles de Gaulle airport you might have, so if we’ve missed something out, just leave a comment at the bottom of the page and we will be sure to sort it out.

In our Getting there section, you can read about the many modes of transport available to take you away from the airport, whether you are heading to Orly or Beauvais airports, Disneyland or the magical capital city of Paris itself.

To check the progress of any flights in or out of CDG, look no further than our Flights page: our arrivals and departures feeds are constantly updated, so you can rely on them to keep you informed. You can also check which airlines fly from which terminals, and follow our links to check-in online.

There are scores of hotels near Charles de Gaulle Airport, but choosing one doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve taken a look at the closest 10 to the airport and reviewed them on our Hotels page, so you”ll know exactly what to expect.

In case you have to spend any length of time at the airport, we’ve also created a Things to do page, which lists the services available at the hotel itself, from bars and restaurants to shops and internet cafes.

Charles de Gaulle is a huge airport which can be confusing; we hope our guide will make your visit relaxing, stress-free and maybe even enjoyable.