Use our Departures page to time your arrival at the airport and save waiting around for hours. Here you can find out whether your flight is on time, late, very late or excessively late. You can even set up a text alert to track flights.

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6 thoughts on “Departures

  1. David Edelman

    I am trying to find out to which destinations there are flights from CDG.
    For example, does any airline fly from CDG to Hong Kong?

  2. Kavita Varma

    I am trying to get hold of Air France reservations following my flight in LHR cancelled. Nobody picking up the phone and no online services either. My connecting flight from CDG is to IAD, which no doubt I will miss as still stuck in London. Please can you advise when and how to go about changing my reservation following Terminal 4 Closure due to a bit of snow?
    I look forward to hearing.

    1. Ben Post author

      I had the same trouble this morning trying to contact Air France to find out whether my friend’s flight from Heathrow to CDG would fly at 6.40am this morning. Despite telephoning all numbers on their site and on the booking confirmation, we only got through to automated lines that told us Air France telephone lines were closed. The same lack of information when we tried contacting the airport.

      The lack of accurate information on flight status amazed us and by recent comments on this site we can see many other people are experiencing the same problems. Airlines like Air France should have staff on telephone lines at all times, even more so when flights are being cancelled and delayed by weather.

      I am afraid that all you can do is go to the airport and get caught in the backlog because the airlines and BAA Heathrow are not providing telephone support or online information.

      We recommend discussing this issue at airport forums:

  3. Judith


    I am trying to find out if there are any flights from Charles de Gaulle to Valencia in Spain…as I am flying to Brasil and my flight from Brasil arrives to CDG. And I need to take another plane that matches our arrival…

    we need to arrive to Valencia from CDG…I guess there are flights but I dont see Valencia anywhere…



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