Travel Money

Cash machines

HSBC is the established bank in CDG, and has been for over 10 years. They have 25 ATMs across the airport (they are free to use) and a branch, between terminals 2D and 2F. HSBC customers can access all their normal services, and other bank customers can withdraw cash.

Currency exchange

Travelex, the currency exchange company, have 23 branches in Charles de Gaulle. Here you can buy and sell cash and traveller’s cheques, and claim back the VAT on your purchases in France. You can also buy phone cards and transfer money internationally. There are four offices in terminal 1, two in 2A, 2B, 2c and 2D, three in 2F, four in 2E and one in terminal 3.

NOTE: You are allowed to take an unlimited amount of money with you when you leave France, but any amounts over €10,000 must be declared to French customs. Also, check with your destination country to see if they have any money limits.

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