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Internet facilities at terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle (Photo: Gary Bembridge @ Flickr)

Being one of the largest airports in the world, Charles de Gaulle has nearly every amenity you could want. There is a huge range of shops, bars and restaurants, as well as bureaux de change and ATMs in all three terminals, and post offices in terminals 1 and 2. Children’s interactive play areas, Gulli areas, can be found in all three terminals, as can prayer rooms.


There are plenty of stores in each terminal for those on the hunt for cheap booze and fags. Try Pure and Rare, which can be found in terminals 1, 2B, 2C, 2E and 2F or Multistore, found at every terminal except 2C, which also sells perfume, cosmetics and confectionery. French Days, in terminals 2D and 2F, is a slightly more salubrious place, selling high quality French produce, including tobacco, champagne and wine.

As this is Paris, the fashion capital of the world, there are clothes shops coming out the airport’s ears. From Hermès (upmarket fashion and homeware in terminals 1, 2A, 2C, 2E and 2F), Dior (terminal 2E) and Céline (boutique fashion and jewellery in terminals 2E and 2F) to Cult (youthful fashion in terminal 3), Attitude (men’s fashion in terminals 2A, 2B, 2D, 2F and 2G) and Salvatore Ferragamo (high-end Italian men’s fashion in terminals 2E and 2F), CDG is more like Regent Street than an airport.

Something else the French are well known for is their jewellery, and again there are loads of outlets in CDG if your in the market for a bit of bling. Cécile et Jeanne can be found in terminals 1 and 2E, Hour Passion have branches in terminals 1, 2A and 2C and world-famous watchmakers Cartier have branches in terminals 2E and 2F.

Smelly stuff is also a French passion, and the likes of L’Occitane (terminals 1, 2C and 2D) and Beauty Unlimited (every terminal but terminal 3) are well represented.

Virgin have several stores at CDG also (in terminals 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E and 2F), selling multimedia goods and electronics.

There are too many shops to mention, however: for a full breakdown of the shops at CDG, visit the Aéroports de Paris website.

Bars, cafes and restaurants

Every terminal has a tidy collection of bars, cafes and restaurants, mainly serving French snacks and drinks.

Terminal 1 Starbucks, Caffè Ritazza (coffee shop), Le Grand Comptoir (traditional Brasserie), Hippopotamus steakhouse, La Terrasse de Paris (pastries, sandwiches), McDonald’s

Terminal 2A Caffè Ritazza, Café Sélect (pastries and snacks), Bistrot Fontaine des Halles (authentic bistro), Les Marchés de Paris (self-service grill), McDonald’s

Terminal 2B Café Sélect, La Terrasse de Paris, Salmon House (fish restaurant), McDonald’s, Pizza Hut

Terminal 2C Caffè Ritazza, Vins et compagnie (wine boutique), Les Halles de Paris (grill), L’Escale Parisienne

Terminal 2D Caffè Ritazza, Café Sélect, Bill Bentley pub (British-style pub), Hippopotamus steakhouse

Terminal 2E Illy Café (italian coffee), Le Comptoir Quotidien (desserts and pastries), La Terrasse (snacks and hot meals), Taste’n’Fly (quick meals), Le Rythmo (bar with vending machines), Méli-Mélo (world food), Paul

Terminal 2F Columbus Café (coffee shop), Le Comptoir Quotidien, Les Quais de Seine (bar), Illy Café

Terminal 2G Illy Café, Paul (pastries and cakes), Bert’s (American-style food), Brasserie Flo (fish brasserie), Maxim’s Bar (1920s-style kitchen)

Terminal 3 Caffè Ritazza, Pergola (sandwich bar), L’escale parisienne (mini-mart/bar), Bar de l’Escale (mini-mart/bar


Several airlines offer exclusive airport lounges for business and first class passengers. Always check before booking to see if your ticket qualifies you access to a lounge. Most include free drinks (even alcohol) and free wired and wireless internet, and you can be sure of comfortable seating and a bit of peace and quiet. Showers are fairly standard, and some throw in private transfers to the terminal of departure (if it is not in the same terminal).

At CDG, loads of airlines have lounges, including Air Algérie, Air Canada, Air France (who have three), American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, El Al, Emirates, Lufthansa, SAS and United Airlines.

Nearby attractions

Disneyland Resort Paris is 30 minutes away from the airport, or 10 minutes by TGV (see ‘Transfers’ for more detailed information and directions).

If that’s a bit energetic for you, try Chantilly and its surrounding castle and racecourse, located 30km from the airport.

The airport is not far from the huge exhibition centre Paris Nord-Villepinte. If any events are on, many of the airport hotels run shuttle buses for free.

10 thoughts on “Things To Do

  1. Kate Buy

    I spent a wonderful and memorable weekend in Paris in January; good food and great wines. Prior to flying home we bought a drink in the check-in area, my last taste of french wine on french soil. I was very disappointed, to me it was of poor quality. The wine was “Richard Rouge” bottled by Paul Sapin of Guinchay.

  2. Andrej Chmara

    Hi where I can find out under which condition I can enter lounges? Please let me know…. Sometimes there are possibilities to enter lounges for extra fee even not traveling with business class ticket or appropriate card.

    1. Alex

      Hi Andrej

      It depends on what flight you are on and your ticket. You can check with your airline about obtaining an airline status card, which may give you more access to these lounges. Otherwise you can ask the personnel in the lounge areas about the possibility of paying a fee upon arrival.


    1. Alex

      Hi Sam

      Unfortunately there are no specified city tours for travellers in-transit, but you may be interested in making a short trip into the city yourself, via le TGV, the RER or a shuttle bus. Time-wise le TGV would be more convenient for you but it also costs more. Please see our website as below, for further information:

      Should you decide to head into the city, I have included a guide for you below:


  3. Sam

    too bad for the French tourism industry…..they are not so smart…We stopped in Amsterdam for 6 hours; where the clever Dutch airport management has 4 hour city tour costing 50 EURO each. We saw a few city places; we shopped also, and came back to continue our flight to US..; they made us happy; and promoted their city….looks like French Airport management have so much money they do not need more !! the idiots never win…such a simple idea they cannot learn from others?

  4. Elaine Edwards

    Visited Meli-Milo food hall on the 30-03-11. Ordered chicken tikka and peking chicken. Portion size appauling (about one quater of a serving spoon – I had only 3 very small pieces of chicken in the Tikka) and rice very dry. The young man (Caisse) serving slouched about, looked totally disinterested in what he was supposed to be doing, preferring to engage in complaining chit chat with other staff members. For the very poor food and service, we were then charged 32.95 euros. We watched other people purchase food and they too looked disgusted at the very small portions and bad service. Complete rip off. Will never go there again.

  5. Sue

    Firstly, I agree with Elaine about the food. We only had rolls, but they tasteless. Also, we were charged nearly one english pound for a ‘Babybel’ cheese. I can get a net of about 6 for that in the supermarket here!
    Also, the bus trip from the departure lounge to the airplane stand was disgusting. Winding round building sites, getting stuck with work traffic. We had just come from EuroDisney, and the bus ride at the airport was nearly as long as that. And on the Disney one we were in comfort!

  6. Mohamed Hassan Nab

    I left my wallet at the cafe “Ritazza SAT 4” (beside the cachier) in terminal 1 near gates 15-17 on Saturday 21st of May 2011 at 3:00 pm before plane take off to Cairo at (departure time was 3:45 pm)

    I came back to the cafe after 5 minues to get my wallet but found it closed??!!!!.

    The wallet contains 200 Euros + 5 credit cards and my Egyptian ID card in addition to other important documents

    I have the receipt from the cafe and i can scan it and email it to you if you wish

    I appreciate your help very much.
    Mohamed Hassan Nab
    Phone: 0020 103641976

  7. Debbie Adams

    Anyone ever seen museum at CDG airport? German friend mentioned it but there may have been communication translation problem.
    Thanks – Debbie


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