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The super-fast Train à Grand Vitesse (Photo: Klaus Nahr @ Flickr)

Paris’s transport network is one of the best in Europe, offering comprehensive, fast and cheap travel across the city. Charles de Gaulle is well-served by the network, so you should have no problems getting to the city. Whether you wish to travel by bus, train, car or taxi, you can be sure your journey ahead has been covered in this section. We  have also included information on transferring to other airports – and Disneyland.

Both Air France and SNCF run buses into the centre of Paris, for between €10 and €20.

Trains are quicker than buses and perhaps more convenient, especially the super-fast TGV from Aérogare 2, which gets you to central Paris in no time at all. Another train service, the RER, takes a little longer but it connects to the Paris Métro.

Taxis are even more convenient still, but you will pay considerably more for the pleasure. Still, if you’re interested, be aware there are two different types of taxi: Parisian and suburban. Check the Taxi page for more details.

Perhaps the easiest method of transportation overall is transfers: pre-book a pick-up and all you have to do is turn up at the airport. Again, such convenience comes at a price, but you might well feel it is worth it to get you to the comfort of your hotel quickly.

If you are planning on doing a bit of independent travel during your time in Paris, nothing gives you freedom quite like your own car. There are loads of car hire places at Charles de Gaulle, so shop around for the best deal, and don’t be afraid to barter.

If you are flying out from CDG, you may want to leave your car at the airport for a significant period of time. This is no problem, as Charles de Gaulle has plenty of decent, secure airport parking. Disabled drivers get a 50 per cent saving in most car parks too.


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  1. Jane W

    What is the walking distance from Terminal 2F to 2E and is there a covered walkway? I have a 1.5 hour flight connection between the two with luggage to collect etc


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