Airport Parking

Airport parking at CDG (Photo: nicephore)

There are a total of 10 car parks at Charles de Gaulle, plus a number of drop-off points, next to terminals 1, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2G and 3. At the automatic payment machines, payment can be made in cash or by card. Payment by card can also be made at the exit barriers. Cheques are not accepted, nor are €100, €200 or €500 banknotes, or €50 banknotes for amounts below €20.

Drop-off points

Drop-off points are free of charge for the first 10 minutes, after which the charges go up rapidly. 10 to 20 minutes is €2, 20 minutes to half an hour is €3, half an hour to 40 minutes is €4, 40 to 50 minutes is €6 and 50 minutes to an hour is €8. It is not recommended to stay in the drop-off points any longer than one hour, because they charges are huge.

Disabled passengers

If you have reduced mobility and you have a French disablement card (GIG/GIC), you can use specially-equipped parking spaces at the following locations:

  • Terminal 1, exit 22
  • Terminal 2A, exit 4
  • Terminal 2B, exit 5
  • Terminal 2C, exit 4
  • Terminal 2D, exit 5
  • Terminal 2E, exit 2.08
  • Terminal 2F, exit 2.13
  • Terminal 2G, in front of the departures hall (you can use the taxi/shuttle bus lane)
  • Terminal 3, in front of the departures hall

Terminal 1

Car Park P1, a multi-level car park with 1075 spaces, is next to terminal 1. Again, the first 10 minutes are free. After that, the rate for the first two hours is €3.60 an hour, reducing slightly with each passing hour (the daily rate, applicable after 9 hours, is €27.40). Disabled drivers (or those driven by an escort due to disability) are entitled to a 50 per cent rebate on presentation of a disability card.

The other car park near terminal 1 is Car Park PR, an open air economy cark park, which has 1,370 spaces. It is near the Pullman hotel. Again, the first 10 minutes are free. After that, anything up to 3 hours is €10, and anything between 3 hours and 24 hours is €20.60. Stays between 24 hours and six days are charged by every 12 hours on top of the initial daily charge. For example, a stay of between 36 and 48 hours would cost the daily rate of €20.60 plus €10.40 for 12 hours plus €10.40 for the next 12 hours. Stays between seven and 13 days are €130, stays between 14 days and 30 days are €180; additional weeks beyond 30 days are €52 a week.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 has four car parks, Car Park PAB, for terminals 2A and 2B, Car Park PBC, for terminals 2C and 2D, Car Park PDE for terminals 2E and 2F and Car Park 2G for terminal 2G. All of these car parks have covered parking (except 2G), and the rates are the same as Car Park P1. Again, disabled passengers get a 50 per cent reduction.

Car Parks PAB and PEF offer spaces for motorcyles too; the first 10 minutes is free, the first hour is €1.40 and the daily rate is €10.60.

Terminal 3

Recommended as the place to leave your car when going on holiday, Terminal 3 is served by four car parks, including Car Park PX, the open air economy car park, which has the the same rates as Car Park PR.

Car Park P3 is split into two: P3 Sud and P3 Est. P3 Sud is an open-air car park, with the same rates as Car Park P1. Car Park P3 Est is covered, and the rates are also the same as Car Park P1.

It contains Car Park PVacance, a long stay car park where passengers are recommended to leave their cars if they are going on holiday. Up to five days is €100, up to 30 days is €180. Additional days are charged at €52 a week. There is no reduction for disabled travellers in Car Park PVacance.

Hotel parking

TOP TIP: Some hotels offer better rates than the airport, so it is worth checking both before booking.

3 thoughts on “Airport Parking

  1. ( Mr) Laurie Locke

    We are driving down from the Channel in May. Can we pay to leave our car in one of your airport carparks for 3 days and take the RER into Paris?

    1. Alex

      Hi Laurie

      Yes you will be able to leave your car for three days, or for as long as you like. Terminal 3’s car park is recommended for people going on holiday.


  2. Paul Smith

    We are planning to cycle from London to Paris via Dieppe in August and have my parents drive in a mini bus. We would like to park the minbus at your airport for 2-3 days with the bikes inside the mini bus. How safe is this and what would you recommend in terms of the best parking option.
    Thank you in advance for your reply.


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